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About me

Hello I’m Corrina King, Personal Trainer based in Welwyn Garden City

corrina king personal trainer welwyn garden cityI am passionate about health and fitness. Having personally experienced the improvements exercise makes to your body and wellbeing, 8 years ago I decided to change career and qualify as a personal trainer. I wanted to help others reap the benefits of improving their fitness – regardless of age or ability.

During my twenties, whilst working as a legal professional in the construction industry, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I underwent several surgeries as part of my treatment which required a long physical rehabilitation. With the help of a personal trainer I was able to regain my balance and motor skills that had been impaired.

I continued working in engineering and construction, working for both professional institutes and major contractors. I understand the pressure of work whilst balancing health and fitness. Now in my forties, having become a mother for the first time, I realise how easy it was to find time for myself then! Exercise now requires some forethought and planning – and I’ve found it is possible to balance my family’s needs and still find time for my health and fitness.

There can be many reasons why we put off exercising. I understand the stresses of everyday life, how injury and disease can become barriers, and the difficulties of trying to build a fitness routine into family and work life. I am committed to supporting and encouraging my clients to take control of their health and fitness. I work individually with you to develop tools and strategies to meet your goals!

I work with clients in Hertfordshire and North London who have specific health concerns such as high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, ME, lower back pain, knee, hip and postural issues. These conditions require a holistic approach to training in order to achieve overall strength, flexibility and movement. Many of my clients have experienced a reduction in pain levels and consequently rely less on medication as well as an improved quality of life and are able to do things that they thought they never could or would.

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Finding the right personal trainer is a very individual choice. I offer a free initial discussion to new clients to help them make that decision.

Why not call me on 07930 539938 to talk about what you would like to achieve? You’ve nothing to lose – and everything to gain! Alternatively email me at corrina@corrfit.co.uk