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Personal Trainer Men

personal trainer men

Personal trainer for men

I am an experienced and qualified personal trainer for men. I’m based in Hertford and Welwyn Garden City. My clients live in surrounding areas including Ware, Hatfield, St Albans and North London. I will create bespoke corrective strategies which will improve your performance and help you meet your goals.

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Heard these myths before?

  • ‘Go heavy or go home’
  • ‘Train through the pain’
  • ‘Train to fatigue’

Well, none of the above will get you the results you are looking for. In fact they may cause injury and pain. Current research blows away many of the myths that are often believed due to misinformation and peer pressure.

My personal training for men approach

My approach to training men utilises current proven techniques used by professional coaches & athletes. These techniques will build strength, power and attain peak performance.

Exercise programs are designed specifically for a man’s body. I use correct technique and form to ensure the targeted muscles are working in the right way. This provides you with –

  • A demanding workout tailored to you
  • Variety – no workout is ever the same
  • Results faster, better & sooner

Benefits of personal training for men

My male clients report increased range of motion, with enhanced flexibility and stability. Muscles activate correctly which ultimately gives better overall performance. These improvements are not limited to the gym – they filter through to all areas of life.

My training services

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Let’s get started!

Finding the right personal trainer is a personal choice so I offer a free no-obligation initial discussion. Call to book.  I look forward to your call on 07930 539938 or email corrina@corrfit.co.uk