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Gained flexibility, North London

Gained Flexibility, North London

‘Gained flexibility’ – Testimonial from Rose, North London

After a car accident I started to exercise with Corrina as I had an injury to my back and shoulder which was causing me pain and restricted my life generally, as I was not able to do the ‘normal’ day to day things such as shopping, hovering and running about with my 9 year old son. Within a few sessions Corrina helped me gain both flexibility and movement in my shoulder and then we started to focus more on my back and not only was I able to move and lift correctly, I am now able to do things that I never did before (such as lift my own body weight!) . Thank you Corrina for giving me a sense of freedom and independence that I never thought possible !!

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Fully Qualified

I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS Level 4) with First Aid Training and Professional Insurance.

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