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Corrina helped me run a marathon

Before meeting Corrina, I was struggling to improve my running. However, after just a few sessions I became a better, faster and stronger runner and was able to complete my first ever marathon. Corrina quickly identified the areas of my body that needed help and I became more supple and toned in those areas. I would recommended Corrina's services to anyone - in fact I've convinced my husband to start seeing her too!

Frankie M, Welwyn Garden City

My back pain went within one month

I've been training with Corrina since September 2014. I went to see her as I was experiencing back pains which were a result of my job as a primary school teacher. From my first session, Corrina worked on my technique, posture and core strength. The back pain went within one month and I haven't looked back since. Corrina is motivational, creative and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be pushed to their physical limits and improve their strength and fitness all round.

Nancy, Ware

Training is fun, enjoyable with very good results

I'm a 47 year old lady who has had a bad back for over 25 years, and was managing the pain with steroid injections and pain killers. I have been seeing Corrina for nine months now and I have found her training fun, enjoyable and hard work with very good results. I am not having the injections or taking any pain killers, which is due to the work that Corrina has done on my whole body and not just my back. My back no longer hurts and I am pain free. Corrina is an easy person to get on with, motivates you to work hard and she makes you feel at ease and we laugh a lot !

Jayne Taylor, Hertford

Corrina has done wonders for us!

Corrina has done wonders for us! This time a year ago we were both complete couch potatoes and had not done any form of exercise in many, many years. Both in our 50s, we decided it was time to get fit, so we took up running and joined our local gym. We started seeing Corrina soon after, and she has been great at helping us to build up our strength for running. We’ve now completed several 5k runs and just did our first 10k run, with several more booked this year. Corrina is perfect for us – she’s very caring and careful and will help us through all our aches and pains, but at the same time she challenges us to keep getting better. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness!

Dawn & Paul White, Hertford

My only regret? That I didn’t start training with her sooner!

I started training with Corrina in a last ditch attempt to use the gym. Nearly every time I went, I hurt my back. I suffer from degenerative disc disease, have had two spinal fusions and I have a slipped disc in my neck. No exercise worked and I was getting frustrated and disillusioned. We started training early January, and it has been really great. Corrina recognised that the biggest injury was actually to my confidence. Under her guidance we embarked on a series of corrective exercises, which soon developed into more progressive fitness work. I say ‘we’ as my training has been collaborative – Corrina asks how my body is feeling on that day and tailors my training accordingly, given my feedback. My main goal was to feel better – less pain, better mobility and to try and ‘future-proof’ my body. What I was not expecting was to feel amazing and look amazing. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and wearing clothes I haven’t been able to fit into for 10 years! My only regret? That I didn’t start training with her sooner!

Nina Harris

my core strength and mobility have improved greatly

Thanks to Corrina, at the age of 37, I realised I have been training incorrectly for almost 20 years. No wonder I was getting extremely tight muscles and back pain. I have a very busy lifestyle and a high pressured job, but no matter what the strains & stresses of the day have been, I always feel reenergised after a personal training session with Corrina. Since starting training with Corrina 5 months ago my core strength and mobility have improved greatly, I can clearly notice my range of movement has increased and my headaches have gone. I feel like I am finally adopting a holistic approach to my fitness and well-being which will stand me in better stead for the future compared to other fitness I have done in the past. Thanks Corrina!

Hayley Ward, Hertford

I would highly recommend Corrina as a personal trainer

I have been training with Corrina for 4 months now. On my first session she was able to identify that I had problems with my neck, back, hips & feet. Corrina has used different exercises to improve these areas. She has shown me how to gain balance, stability and core strength. Corrina always makes it fun and at the end of every session my body always feels stretched and worked. My partner is a Tennis Coach and has had a few session with Corrina. She has shown him how important it is to stretch, warm up and cool down your body before & after matches to avoid injury. I would highly recommend Corrina as a personal trainer, as I trust her knowledge and understanding of how the body works and how she can help you reach your goals.


I thoroughly enjoy my sessions!

I have been training with Corrina for 3 years now and suffer with lower back problems, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and muscle weakness and degeneration. Corrina has helped me gain flexibility, strength, movement in my daily life and become pain free....never mind about the inches off my body in places I never thought I could get rid of! Corrina motivates, challenges and always, always makes sure that I am working hard and in the correct form. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions and the ‘homework’ to do before the next session!

Cleopatra, Finchley, North London

Every session was functional, effective and fun!

Corrina trained me during my second pregnancy and I had pain and stiffness in my lower back during my first pregnancy and wanted to train to be strong and pain free during my second. Corrina trained me hard and appropriate in each trimester which I enjoyed very much as I was able to do things easily in my everyday life and it helped prepare my body for the ultimate stage of birth. Every session was functional, effective and fun!

Maria, Woodside Park, North London

Now able to do things that I never did before

After a car accident I started to exercise with Corrina as I had an injury to my back and shoulder which was causing me pain and restricted my life generally, as I was not able to do the ‘normal’ day to day things such as shopping, hovering and running about with my 9 year old son. Within a few sessions Corrina helped me gain both flexibility and movement in my shoulder and then we started to focus more on my back and not only was I able to move and lift correctly, I am now able to do things that I never did before (such as lift my own body weight!) . Thank you Corrina for giving me a sense of freedom and independence that I never thought possible !!

Rose, Arnos Grove, North London

Training that delivers success and results !

Challenging you to be the best you can be Objectives based so you can achieve outside your comfort zone Responsive to your body's needs and fitness level Realistic and individual tailored sessions that correct your body Flexibility and mobility improvement Imaginative and interesting sessions that are fun! Training that delivers success and results !

Amanda Benton, Hertford