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Personal Training Hertford

Personal Training Hertford – Testimonials

Hello, I’m Corrina King – a fully qualified and experienced personal trainer with many clients in Hertford. Below are testimonials from my Hertford personal training clients. To find out more about my personal training services call me on 07930 539938 or read more about my personal training services in Hertford.

Personal training to improve posture

Being type 1 diabetic and cutting hair for 25 years i have found that since seeing Corrina has had a real positive affect. Corrina has helped with my posture by using a blend of deep tissue massage and stretching. Being diabetic I also used to suffer pins and needles and cramp in my lower limbs. Corrina focuses on this area every session and it feels like I float out of the gym after. I try my best to look after and help myself and Corrina is an important part of my well being.Read More

I cannot remember when I felt this well, Hertford

I am a 59 year old male, and have suffered with back pain intermittently for most of my adult life. I work in an office (sitting at a desk) and earlier this year decided to do some DIY at home during the weekends. The bending and stretching seemed OK, until a few days later whilst driving my car I felt my back seize up, I was in agony. After pain killers and muscle relaxants from the Doctor I had a massage, which I have on a monthly basis anyway. My massage Lady recommended Pilates, so I visited my local leisure centre and the receptionist recommended Corrina. For my first visit I shuffled in, and walked out! I was amazed, thanks Corrina! It seems the problem wasn’t my back at all! Weak stomach muscles that should support my back (but didn’t) seems to be the main cause of my problem. Corrina is working methodically through my body and is finding problems that “disappeared” years ago. It seems to me that each problem I had was “solved” by creating another one. Corrina is working back through these issues, and I feel so much better for it. I didn’t realise how much pain I was in – I had just got used to it. Everyone who knows me says how much better I am (mentally and physically), I cannot remember when I felt this well! If you are reading this you are presumably considering this sort of treatment – do it! I wish I had done this 40 years ago. Corrina is very good at what she does, and makes it an enjoyable experience, tailoring the treatment to the individual’s needs.Read More

I felt in good shape again, Hertford

I found Corrina to be very professional with a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of the body, she quickly diagnosed my problem and after a number of sessions and a detailed exercise programme I felt in good shape again. I would recommend her services very highly.Read More