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Weight Management

Weight Management

weight management advice hertfordshireI’m qualified in advanced nutrition for Weight Management. I’m based in Welwyn Garden City and Hertford. I’ve helped many clients with their weight management in areas such as Ware, Hatfield, St Albans and North London. Click here to view my Weight Management qualifications.

Obesity and the diseases it causes (such as high blood pressure, diabetes and joint problems) are increasing in the UK. Weight management through a well balanced nutritional diet can help to improve and prevent these conditions.

Weight Management and Nutritional Training

Knowing what to eat can be very confusing – it seems there is a new piece of advice daily. I work with clients, discussing lifestyle, what foods you enjoy and how much time you have to prepare food. Drawing on my nutritional training (Active IQ Level 3 Advanced Nutrition) and experience, I can help you make the right choices without taking all the pleasures away to get you the results you want. Even chocolate and red wine is good in moderation!

Your weight loss and better health are within reach – I can help you feel in control and on the path to well being and vitality.

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Why not take that first step and call me on 07930 539938 or email me: corrina@corrfit.co.uk for a free initial consultation?